Contemporary vegan pastry
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Intensive Course
Vegan Pastry

In this course we synthesize the result of everything we have researched, discovered and developed in Vegan Pastry during the last 15 years, simplified and embodied in the theoretical dossier that will be given to you on the first day of the course.

In this course you will learn which vegetable ingredients can be used to replace those of animal origin and how to use them correctly and in the right proportion, depending on the preparation.

You will learn different techniques to prepare quality vegan desserts, without using eggs, dairy products, gelatin or honey. We will explain how to reduce saturated fats and prepare less sweet preparations with more intense flavors, depending on the type of dessert to be made. In addition, 80% of the elaborations that we will prepare in this course do not contain gluten.

We have been studying ingredient technology for more than a decade and in this course we teach it so that in a few days you will learn to understand a recipe and know if it can work or not just by reading it.

Price: 2.200 € - Possibility of payment in 2 installments. Contact us by email at

40 h 2.200,00

To participate in this course it is advisable (but not mandatory) to have basic pastry notions, or to previously participate in our Essentials Masterclass, but the most important thing is to be eager to learn and enjoy.

Whether you like to prepare desserts at home, or you want to offer quality vegan options in your cafeteria or restaurant, this is the course for you!

  • Place: Wild Slice Academy, Barcelona
  • Hours: From 08:30 to 16:30
  • Teacher: Toni Rodríguez
  • Level: Pastry students or professionals and amateurs.
  • Modality: The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part, where the students and the chef will elaborate the recipes.
  • Price: 2.200 € - Possibility of payment in 2 installments. Contact us by email at

To substitute ingredients in a dessert it is essential to understand what properties those ingredients have and what function they serve.

Thanks to the knowledge of the basics you will be able to understand what function we need in each elaboration, look for what combination of ingredients (and in what quantity) fulfill that same function and thus be able to design your own desserts.

And this cannot be done "by eye". Pastry is very technical: in order for the ingredients to be transformed and the recipe to be perfect, there have to be physical and chemical principles. There has to be a precise transformation. That's the complicated part. Luckily for you, we have already done this trial-and-error work.

"But how is a vegan dessert going to be tastier than a traditional one?"

This question is in the heads of many who have not yet realized something curious: Since traditional pastries have always been made with dairy and eggs, we have never been able to experience the taste of these recipes when these ingredients are not present. We have never known anything else.
The moment we tasted a well-made vegan alternative, we realized to what extent the flavor left behind by milk, egg and butter was covering up the flavor of the other main ingredients.

Have you ever thought that if someone had not discovered the role of eggs in baking and standardized their use, would we have a very different vision of baking?

The aim of this course is exactly this: to offer you another vision of pastry, more ethical, tastier and more respectful of the environment and how to make it correctly.

The 6 keys to the course

  1. You will learn different techniques and elaborations of vegan pastry.
  2. We will help you to facilitate the elaboration and production of vegan desserts.
  3. You will learn about the technology of the ingredients used.
  4. You will get desserts with more intense flavors, thanks to the reduction of fats and sugars.
  5. You will work with truthful and well-explained recipes.
  6. You will be able to respond to a worldwide demand with very little supply.


  • Introduction on the evolution of vegan pastry.
  • All the theory of the elaborations that we are going to make during the course.
  • How to adapt the recipes according to your needs.
  • Nutritional information of the ingredients used in the elaborations.
  • Preparation of entremets, petit gâteaux, tarts, macarons, brioches and gâteau de voyage.
  • Tasting of all the desserts made during the course.

What will you learn?

  • Evolution of vegan pastry in the last 15 years.
  • Nutritional value of the ingredients we will use throughout the course.
  • How to make sponge cakes and sablés and how to adapt recipes to make them gluten-free.
  • How to substitute egg and dairy for the production of creams, interiors, ganaches, white and milk chocolates and homemade margarines.
  • How to substitute gelatin, meringue and dairy products in the preparation of mousses.
  • How to substitute gelatin, dairy and chocolates in the elaboration of glazes.


  • Macaron without egg with cream or ganache.
  • Egg-free brioche with our own homemade olive oil margarine.
  • Biscuits, crumbles and sablés with and without gluten.
  • Creamy fruits, nuts and caramel with different stabilizers to obtain different textures.
  • Crunchy textures with and without gluten.
  • Mousses with different stabilizers and meringues according to the desired use.
  • Glossy and matte glazes with different fruits, chocolates and gelling agents.

What is included?

  • 40 hours of theoretical and practical classes, distributed in 5 days.
  • Complete course cookbook, ingredients and tools
  • Daily 100% plant-based lunch prepared by our team.
  • Tasting of the desserts made at the end of the course.
  • Training certificate signed by Toni Rodriguez.


  • Brioton: brioche made with homemade olive oil margarine, candied fruit, vegan milk chocolate and almond gianduja topping.
  • Coconut and cassis macaron: Made with vegan egg white, coconut buttercream and cassis gel(gluten-free).
  • Fuji: Almond and coconut sugar crumble, pecan sponge cake, reconstructed pecan crumble, caramel cream, pecan cream, vanilla ganache(gluten-free).
  • Lemon pie: Almond sablé, lime sponge cake, lemon gel, candied lemon and ginger, lime and lemon cream, passion paint glaze.
  • Decadent: Hazelnut dacquoise , crunchy hazelnut praline, hazelnut cream, gourmet glaze, ganache montée, chocolate hazelnut glaze.
  • U-zu: GF sablé, mandarin sponge cake, mango cream, yuzu mousse, coconut cream, neutral glaze, mango brunoise and lime peel(gluten-free).
  • New Berry Whyte: Berry sponge cake, almond crumble, berry gel, reconstructed crumble, berry cream, homemade ginger whipped cream, raspberry glaze.
  • Ringo: GF chocolate cookie, GF brownie, whiskey and coffee ganache, 70% chocolate ganache, 70% chocolate mousse, chocolate paint glaze, chocolate glaze(gluten-free).
  • Travel Cake: Pistachio, citrus and berries