Terms and conditions of sale

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing our courses or products. By purchasing any of our courses or activities, you accept these terms and conditions, which may be modified as needed. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please do not use our services.

Identification data

  • Name: Antonio Rodríguez Segura
  • TAX ID: 43535827R
  • Tax address: Calle Industria 367, 08027 Barcelona. 
  • Tlf: (+34) 647000886 - Email: hello@wildsliceacademy.com

WILS SLICE ACADEMY by TONI RODRÍGUEZ offers on-site courses and training programs specialized in the vegan pastry sector, aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs and amateurs.
These General Conditions include the website www.wildsliceacademy.com and any other website or device in which these conditions of use are located.


  • The prices of each course, product or service are those indicated on our website, in the course file and for the date of the order. As established by law, on-site courses, in general, are exempt from VAT as the courses and programs are considered training and retraining, carried out by public or private entities authorized for the exercise of such activities.
  • The selling price of each course is the one that is in force on our website or the one that appears in our brochures, price lists, etc. In case of typing, printing or calculation errors, we reserve the right to cancel the transaction.
  • Our products are face-to-face or online gastronomy courses and activities, so any communication will be sent in electronic format and no shipping costs will be charged.

Purchasing process

To purchase any of our courses, please follow the steps below: 

  • View the course(s) you wish to take from the "Courses" section. 
  • Choose the course/courses you are interested in and you will be able to consult their description and price. 
  • Select the course, the number of attendees and add it to the cart. You can then choose to continue shopping or process the order.
  • If you want to continue shopping, repeat the same process. If you want to place the order, click on the "checkout" button and fill in the form to start the purchase process.
  • Then you will pay for your purchase. The payment will be made through the virtual payment platform with secure system. You can pay by credit or debit card. Once the payment is done, you will receive an email from us, with the summary of your purchase and the instructions of use of the purchased courses.
  • If the payment could not be made through the online payment platform, you can contact WILD SLICE ACADEMY through our email hello@wildslicecademy.com or the contact form on the web, requesting the courses you wish to purchase. We will send you the amount and the bank account where to make the payment.
    Once we verify the payment, we will send you the necessary information to access the courses.
  • All customer data and credit card information will be kept strictly confidential.
  • If a (on-site) course is sold out, it is because we have filled all available places. If there are any cancellations, we will notify interested parties in order of request for information.

Return and cancellation policy

  • In no case and under no circumstances will WILD SLICE ACADEMY refund the amount paid in case of cancellation by the buyer, being expressly entitled WILD SLICE ACADEMY, to take possession of the full amount paid, whatever the cause for such cancellation request. 
  • WILD SLICE ACADEMY will only refund the registration fee when the course is canceled for any reason attributable solely to WILD SLICE ACADEMY, including when there are not enough participants enrolled, in which case WILD SLICE ACADEMY will contact the user. In any case, WILD SLICE ACADEMY will never be responsible for or assume under any circumstances the reimbursement of expenses of any nature incurred by the user outside the contracted course, including but not limited to: transportation tickets, accommodation expenses or others.
  • The cancellation of a reservation for a classroom course will result in a charge of 85% of the value of the course. In case of no notice and no show, 100% of the cost of the course will be charged.
  • WILD SLICE ACADEMY reserves the right to cancel a course due to low attendance or force majeure.
  • We recommend taking out cancellation or change insurance when booking flights and/or accommodation, as under no circumstances will the school be responsible for these expenses.

Intellectual property

WILD SLICE ACADEMY reserves all intellectual property rights of the courses, contents, texts, images, image and sound supports, fonts, instructions, etc. and therefore it is not allowed:

  • Their modification and, in general, any transformation, including, with respect to computer programs, their translation, adaptation, arrangement, correction of errors or any other transformation.
  • Its loading and/or use in any computer network system, even if access to it cannot be made simultaneously by the different users of such network.
  • Any type of extraction, public communication and/or transmission, in whole or in part, by any means, outside the scope of the permitted use and, especially, its incorporation into any other work, including Web pages, collection or database.
  • The removal, concealment or misrepresentation of the notices and warnings about the Intellectual Property of the recipe book or any of its contents.
  • The customer undertakes to use the purchased item within the framework that has been fixed in the contract or permitted by law. This condition includes software, databases, as well as image, video or sound material, your website, its contents, texts, graphics, logos, trademarks, titles, programs, price lists, databases as well as other services.

Give a course as a gift

To give a course as a gift, choose the on-site (or online) course you prefer to give, add it to the shopping cart and be sure to put name, surname, email and contact phone number of the person who will participate in the course (or who will receive it online).
For the online courses given as a gift, the access will be delivered to the user, through an email with the instructions to access the course, within 24/48 hours from the purchase of the course.

Need help?

Contacata hello@wildsliceacademy.com for questions related to exchanges and refunds.