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If you dream of learning vegan baking with Toni Rodriguez but time or distance don't allow it... make it happen with our online vegan baking courses.

You will win over the most demanding palates and save time and money in thousands of tests that we have already done and tested.

You will have immediate access to the courses comfortably from your home, at your own pace, as many times as you want during 12 months.
All the recipes are downloadable in PDF and you will also have the technical support of our team to answer any questions you may have.

Learn how to correctly substitute animal ingredients such as dairy, egg, gelatin and honey, and how to make tasty vegan sweets, more ethical and with an ideal texture, without leaving your home!

Pastry is pure chemistry: do you know that changing an ingredient or a percentage changes everything? That's why more than 15 years ago we started to study the technology of ingredients and today we can teach you the recipes in a clear and simple way.


  • 100%
  • Online
    and at your own pace
  • Downloadable recipes
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    with experts
  • Unlimited access for 12 months

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Online courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wildslice Vegan Pastry Academy is a Vegan Pastry School, located in Barcelona, which, in addition to classroom courses, offers a selection of online courses designed and conducted by its founder Toni Rodriguez. The courses are aimed at both professionals and amateurs who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge in vegan pastry.

  • Once you have purchased an online course you cannot return it, nor can you get a refund. Before purchasing a course, we recommend that you carefully read the complete course description to know what level, ingredients and tools are required for each course.

  • Yes, once you have purchased the course you can download the recipes in PDF format. You can also print them to have them always at hand.

  • Explore the online courses offered by Wild Slice Academy in order to purchase or give away the ones that interest you the most. Once purchased, you will be able to access the course contents with your username and password.

  • Once you have purchased the course, you will be able to access all its contents as many times as you want, just by entering your Wildslice user credentials. Access to the courses lasts for 12 months, but the recipes are downloadable and will be yours forever.

  • Check that your card information is correct. If you still have problems, please contact us at:

  • Our courses are suitable for both professionals and beginners who want to broaden and deepen their vegan baking skills. Our recipes are easy to produce both at home and in stores, bakeries and restaurants. In each recipe we offer tips and tricks very useful in case you decide to produce for your own business.

  • The videos are the property of Wildslice and cannot be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. However, you will be able to watch them on your computer connected to the Internet as many times as you want by logging into the course with your personal credentials.

  • The contact form is the common meeting point between course users and our Wildslice team. You will be able to access this service and ask all the questions you need.