Masterclass pack Gluten-free + Essentials + Croissants (Spanish)
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Pack of 3
Gluten free + Essentials + Croissants

This vegan pastry masterclass pack includes 3 courses: gluten-free vegan pastry masterclass , ve gan pastry essentials masterclass and modern croissants masterclass.

In these courses you will learn how to make fine vegan and gluten-free desserts with different mousses, pralines, sablés, sponge cakes and icings.
You will also learn basic and essential vegan pastry techniques and finally you will learn how to make croissant doughs with different types of creams, fillings and icings.

All this without the use of dairy, egg or gelatin, or other animal products.
These 3 courses have a medium-high level of difficulty and are suitable for all types of public: professional pastry chefs, amateurs or eternal gourmands. You can prepare them for your family and friends or offer them in your bakery.

Buying this pack you save 70€ compared to the price you would pay buying each masterclass separately.

  • 399 min
  • 65 videos
  • 590,00

Gluten-free vegan fine patisserie

Vegan baking is not only ethical, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly. Intolerances and allergies also take away the right of more and more people to have a sweet treat every day.


Essentials of vegan pastry

In this course you will learn basic and essential techniques of vegan pastry. Our chef Toni will teach you how to make classic desserts of traditional pastry, without using dairy, egg, honey or other animal products.
The elaborations of this course have been possible thanks to a deep research and development work carried out by our team, to obtain a final recipes easy to make, truthful and with easy to reach ingredients.


Modern vegan croissants

Is it possible to make croissants without using butter and eggs and get a high quality product that is just as good (or better) than a traditional croissant? In this course you will learn that yes, it is possible and we will show you how to do it, in a more ethical and sustainable way. And very tasty, of course!

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3 Masterclasses

Downloadable PDF recipe booklet

Audio: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Difficulty: medium-high