Research and development of new products in vegan bakery.
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Research and development of new products in vegan bakery.

What do you think of when someone talks about vegan baking?

Vegan baking is not just about making brownies and muffins by replacing eggs with flax seeds or chia seeds. The research and development of new products and recipes in this field has evolved a lot. This fact offers us the possibility of creating new and different desserts from what we are traditionally used to.

In this article we talk about the techniques and development methods we use at Toni Rodriguez Academy to achieve innovative and surprising recipes. Until a few years ago, there was no vegan pastry professionally reflected in pastry books. It was not known how to create elaborations from scratch since traditional pastry has been using a large amount of eggs and dairy products in the elaborations for many years.

But in recent years we have come a long way in this aspect and thanks to research in vegan baking there is a wide variety of ingredients and products that add flavor and texture to our desserts and allow us to create new recipes. From the time Toni started making her first vegan cakes until today, vegan baking has evolved dramatically.

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At Wildslice, in addition to organizing on-site courses and offering online vegan baking courses, we develop and research new methods to acquire new knowledge in vegan cooking and baking.

Our goal goes beyond veganizing traditional desserts. We are interested in creating new concepts in pastry. Therefore, it is not only the elaboration process that is important: knowing how the ingredients work, we can create desserts from scratch, which allows us to constantly develop new ideas. This long road between experience and experimentation has allowed us to create our own method, the one that helps us to develop a new recipe and that also helps us to communicate our vegan pastry.

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Idea and research

It all starts with an idea. An idea that comes up while you are preparing a dish that you have already made many times, while reading a pastry article, while discovering a new product... And that's when you decide to put it into practice.

At Wildslice we like to research, try new things and make mistakes as many times as necessary to achieve unique desserts. Sometimes the process is short, but other times it requires many tests until we get the texture we are looking for, different flavors or details such as when freezing and thawing the dessert, it does not release water. There are many details that we have to take into account.

First, second, third... recipe

We have been able to elaborate what was born from an idea. But it is possible that it is still early days. Experience invites us to improve and to continue perfecting our recipes. And even to create adaptations that will lead us to other products. The tests are very important, as well as to leave very well written down everything that we believe to be essential and that will provide us with very valuable information in the future. In this way we create our own recipe book. We created our new concept of vegan bakery.

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We do not want our recipes to be a secret. We like to research, create and make known everything we have learned and developed. Our goal is to share our recipes and transmit our experience in vegan baking to all those people, amateurs or professionals, who are interested. And we do it in very different ways.

Through books, participating in events both online and offline and through our on-site and online courses. To do this it is essential to have the entire Wildslice team and capture in the best possible way all our knowledge adapted to different formats. And always with 100% truthful recipes.