Professional Vegan Bakery
On-site courses

Three months course
Professional Vegan Pastry

In this 100% practical course you will learn from chef Toni Rodriguez much more than simple vegan recipes: from the basic techniques to the most elaborate ones, including the theory of ingredients and how to use them correctly.

Experimenting and adapting traditional baking recipes to make them vegan can require a lot of trial and error.
This quarterly course is designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on experience with vegan techniques and ingredients to save you time, money and frustration, making it a positive and valuable process.

We will explore the key ingredients in vegan baking and discover innovative and lesser-known ingredients to substitute for traditional ingredients, keeping in mind that each substitute has unique properties that affect the texture and structure of your sweets.

You will master the basic and crucial principles of pastry making such as measuring, kneading, rolling, tempering, glazing and decorating, to create unique vegan desserts.
At the end of the course you will have the necessary tools to make very tasty and light vegan sweets, reducing sugar and fat and enhancing the flavor of the main ingredients such as fruit, nuts or chocolate. You will be able to create your own sweets, suitable for any kind of public.


Why to learn Vegan Pastry?

At Wild Slice we propose a different concept of pastry: more ethical, tastier and more environmentally friendly.
In addition, making plant-based sweets has certain advantages:

  • Obtain lighter and tastier sweets, enhancing the main ingredients, without the invasive aftertaste of secondary ingredients such as egg or butter.
  • To cover a wider public such as: intolerant/allergic to dairy and egg. People of different religions who do not consume dairy, egg or animal gelatin. Vegetarians and vegans. Gluten intolerant (the course also contains many gluten-free preparations).
  • Lower raw material costs. Much lower environmental impact.

No previous experience is necessary, you will learn from the basics to the most advanced techniques.
Get ready to work: the course is 100% practical!

Course fee: 9.500€.
Option 1: 950€ Pre-enrollment + 8.075€ one-time payment(5% discount)
Option 2: 950€ Pre-enrollment + 8550€ (payment in installments)

Pre-registration 950,00

Venue: Wild Slice Academy, Barcelona

9 September to 21 November 2024 (ENG) - 13 January to 20 March 2025 (ESP)

3 months (11 weeks) - 220 hours + 20 hours of theory

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 09:00 to 14:00

Teacher: Chef Toni Rodríguez

Level: Professional pastry chefs and beginners

Modality: The course is 100% practical, students will prepare the recipes in small groups.

Course fee: 9.500€ (8.550€ + 950€ pre-registration) - 5% discount in a single payment.
Possibility of payment in installments. Contact us by email at


  • Elaborations and basic techniques:
    Recipes for doughs and biscuits with and without gluten, creams, sablés, homemade margarine.
    Millionaire, Cheesecake, Flapjacks, Carrot cake, Sacher, Tiramisu, Cookies, Cookies without gluten, Flan, etc.
  • Fermented doughs:
    Brioche nanterre, Cinnamon roll, Babka, Brioton, Donuts, Croissants (and their filling creams) Ensaimada, Puff pastries, Millefeuille, Focaccia, Croissants and savory rolls, Roscón de reyes, Stollen, etc....
  • Cakes and tarts: Apple pie, Pecan pie, Bourdaloue pie, Lemon pie, Tatin pie, Cheesecake, etc.
  • Chocolate and bean to bar:
    Production of vegan dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, pralines, spreads, moulded and cut chocolates, paint for chocolates. etc.
  • Petit fours:
    Macarons, Toffee, Pate de fruit, financier... etc.
  • Fine Patisserie:
    Recipes for creamies, sablés, mousses, creams and glazes.

    Recipes suitable for freezing/defrosting.
    Entremets and individual desserts

What is included?

  • Ingredients and tools
  • Complete course booklet
  • Wild Slice Academy Uniform
  • Tasting of the ingredients and desserts made

How to attend?

Bring comfortable clothes and lots of desire to learn and enjoy!