Gluten-free vegan fine patisserie
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Gluten-free fine vegan pastry

Vegan baking is not only ethical, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly. Intolerances and allergies also take away the right of more and more people to have a sweet treat every day.

And although this may not seem so serious to you, students who are allergic to eggs, dairy products and gluten have even cried with emotion when they were able to eat the desserts we made in this course.

In this course you will learn how to create fine desserts without gluten and without using dairy, egg, gelatin, or other animal allergens. You will learn how to make a good mix of gluten-free flours to make sponge cakes and sablés.

We will elaborate different types of creams, glazes, mousses and interiors to create balanced and tasty sweets that will give you the pleasure of enjoying a good vegan and gluten-free dessert, without giving up the taste and texture of a traditional dessert.

To participate in this course it doesn't matter if you have pastry notions or not.

Whether you like to prepare desserts at home, or you want to offer quality vegan and gluten-free options in your store, café or restaurant, this is the course for you! You just need a lot of desire to learn and enjoy.

8 h 280,00
  • Place: Wild Slice Academy, Barcelona
  • Hours: From 16:00 to 20:00
  • Teacher: Toni Rodríguez
  • Level: Pastry students or professionals and amateurs.
  • Modality: Demonstrative with the option to participate in the elaborations.


  • Gluten-free flour blend.
  • Raffaello: coconut crumble, almond and coconut sponge cake, yogurt and coconut cream, praline and coconut mousse.
  • Mandorla: sablé, sponge cake, mousse, praline, cream and toasted almond glaze with orange.
  • Rocher: (NEW)
  • Raspberry Sacher: sponge cake and cocoa sablé, 70% chocolate ganache, raspberry compote and coconut milk chocolate glaze.

What is included?

How to attend?

Bring comfortable clothes and a desire to have a great time!